Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What 'Lies' Underneath

Do we ever ask ourselves what we are actually supporting when we indulge in something? I'd like to believe that the majority of us do, but I have to say that I feel the exact opposite. We're in a generation that has turned a blind eye to a lot of situations in favor of one's own satisfaction, particularly in sex work. My own search for answers led me to finding organizations like +AntiPornography.org Nonprofit  and +PornHarms. Seeing through the illusion the sex industry wants you to see was a true eye opener for me. It enlightened me to what it is we, as people, contribute to without realizing. The fact is there's more going on beyond what we see for ourselves. This is my motivation for this posting.

Our degree of selfishness is something I feel is more often taught than learned. We are so disconnected that we have resorted to fending for ourselves. The fact is there are too many of us here to take the "every man for himself" approach. Part of the blame is on society for how these things are. People don't realize how much power we really have to make some positive changes, but we get so blinded by our own situations to really see it. The other part of the blame is based on our government. I feel that the people who have the power to do something are the biggest cowards of all. It seems there are still those who think if they just ignore the problem that it will just go away and it seems it's become the standard. Either they are afraid to tackle the issue and risk losing voters or they are benefiting from it in some way, shape or form. Remember the sexting scandal with already married politician Anthony Weiner? He's only one of many politicians who gotten into hot water due to sexual transgressions. It only makes me wonder how deep this idea of sexuality has really rooted itself.

I can only imagine the perspective of a person involved in sex work. Thanks to our government, people have the legal right to become a sex worker. That being said, when was it decided that sex work would be good for society; a service that promotes promiscuity, infidelity as well as various forms of exploitation. What drives a person to become a porn star (prostitute), exotic dancer or facilitator (pimp, madame)? Whatever the case there's no indication of taking into account of what these actions may be contributing to other than self gratification. To the sex worker; do you really care about what you see and do? Don't you see your images being engraved into the brains of the consumer? Don't you see that the people watching the things you do on camera on average start at 11 years old? Don't you see that your "work" is problematic for almost half the families in America? Don't you see how what you do is a instructional guide used in child pornography? Are you capable of seeing anything beyond what's around you and how it's affecting our world?

I ask these questions because with all of your "self empowerment" as a sex worker I wonder if there's a sense of blissful ignorance as to what you are contributing to. I understand that things happen beyond our control. I'm well aware of the sacrifice to provide for family, but sex for money is sacrificing everything you hold dear as well as yourself. No amount of money is worth that kind of sacrifice. Your gain is someone else's loss and the ones who facilitate this sacrifice are even worse offenders. This version of sexuality is not benefiting anyone except those who stand to make profits. There are lives being affected by this option of work. I can't help, but ask how did this become an option in the first place? Pornography is legal, but with the exception of Nevada, prostitution and solicitation is illegal. How does this makes sense? Then again, we live in a country that continues to sell tobacco and alcohol which kills people everyday and where a woman gets 20 years in jail for a warning shot when actual murderers go free. It goes to show how backwards our society is. We need to realize that instead of being handed a mirage we could actually find the real oasis.